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"I started Hara's classes adult beginner ballet classes two and a half years ago, and it was one of the best decisions I've made! I've started doing the ballet workout classes now, and they're a highlight of my week. Hara is an amazing teacher, really thoughtful and dedicated. I've become so much more flexible since starting her classes, and always leave in a good mood! I can't recommend Hara's classes highly enough."

Helen, Oxford

"As a not very athletic person, it is difficult for me to take the initiative and start going to the gym or whatever. At some point I told my self ''why not try Hara's classes?'', since they are online and I can join from the comfort of my home. And I couldn't be more grateful! Hara is a wonderful and very skilled teacher. She prepares each class thoroughly with a different set of exercises each time. That works perfectly in my opinion since I am never bored! She explains everything and cares deeply for all her students. The Ballet Workout she offers is really beneficial. With each class I feel my posture improving and due to cardio exercises I am getting a slimmer silhouette. Hara is really hardworking and the best teacher I know. I feel lucky to have the opportunity to participate in her classes."

Evangelie, Paris

"Hara is absolutely amazing, full of enthousiasm, joy and energies. So glad I found out about her classes. I'm now addicted to and cannot stop joing them...."

Ida, Oxford

''I had always wanted to try a ballet workout/barre class but was put off by the fact the classes were taught in the gym by health professionals rather than dancers. So, when the opportunity to try Hara’s class came along I couldn’t resist it. What a brilliant decision that was! I have never looked back. Hara is an excellent dancer with a passion for her art which is contagious and comes across whether you can attend a class in person (as I did pre-Covid) or online.  I never worry about the exercises or hurting myself because Hara explains clearly how each exercise should be done and what to look out for. If you have an injury Hara will always give alternative suggestions so you don’t make that injury worse. Hara’s Ballet Workout classes are a highlight of my week and I have definitely toned up and become more flexible whilst always having a laugh. Thank you, Hara, I cannot recommend your classes highly enough.''

Cate, Eynsham

''Hara is a born teacher who combines impeccable technique with infinite patience and humour. This means that she is a joy to watch as well as a pleasure to learn from. Classes with Hara leave you energised, with a deep sense of well-being. Highly recommended for all ages and levels. ''

Sarah, Oxford

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